I’m happy to announce the launch of the Cindiddy ‘Noble Nobody’ tee! Being a ‘noble nobody’ has been the slogan of the blog since its inception, so it’s great to finally be able to share this philosophy with all of you. A noble nobody is somebody who does things out of love and passion–it can be anybody as long as they’re interested in what they’re doing and doing it for themselves. You don’t have to be famous to be somebody. Anybody...



If you’re looking for something to wear under your layers of sweaters and jackets, look no further than the graphic tee for a pop of personality or wit. They’re so comfy–I practically live in them during the cold weather. Here are some of my picks of some cool tees, and if you’re looking for a new graphic tee this season, stay tuned and check back on the blog. We’ll be launching our Cindiddy tee sooner than soon!

From top left to right: