:: PUMA jacket/ SUPER sunglasses/ SMYTHSON bag/ EMU shoes ::

The past week and a half has been super freezing in Hong Kong, which is a nice relief, especially after being in the beautiful Niseko snow. It has definitely made it a lot harder to wake up and go outside though. Sometimes it’s just a lot nicer to hang out in bed and communicate to the world from the computer…Knowing Hong Kong, the cold won’t be for long though.





photos by Paulsta Wong :: HOGAN bag and shoes/ SUPER sunglasses/ LULULEMON LAB skirt ::

They say February is the month of love… And while that may be annoyingly of true, there’s other things we can enjoy as well even if love for you doesn’t come in another package ready to take you to a candlelit dinner. February is also the month to indulge in wine and chocolate. I mean we all love chocolate and wine right? Maybe ...


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The sun is out, which means one thing: must have shades. It’s sunny when I’m driving. It’s sunny when I’m walking outside. It’s sunny from virtually everywhere. There’s not escaping it in the city, where floor to ceiling windows are prevalent in most buildings or traveling by foot is the only option. What are your go to glasses?

From top left to right:

RAY-BAN Chris square-frame sunglasses [...