Photography by @JeffThibodeau Photo taken post DIOR show SS16 Ready-to-Wear (link) :: CHRISTIAN WIJNANTS top, dress/ DIOR Diorama bag/ JOHN GALLIANO shoes/ LE SPECS sunnies::

Remembering my first fashion week experience. Four years ago. I had the opportunity to go to New York with ELLE US X NOKIA. You can o...




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It’s been a lot of fun working with HKTDC and on Hong Kong Fashion Week, learning about new, young designers and seeing all the new clothes for the season. A special part of Hong Kong Fashion Week is the HK Fashion Map, which puts together a few stores around Hong Kong that stocks designs from talented, local designers. My first stop on the m...


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Sometimes it’s a lot easier to do things knowing that you can stay anonymous and nobody knows who you are. Occasionally this is my defense mechanism and I like to hide behind a big pair of sunglasses, just for that moment of anonymity where I can be lost within my own, free thoughts. You know what, a wide brim hat is just as good too. Keeps the light out and the dark in. xx CDD



It was so nice to be asked to be a new contributor to the Style Tips website. Not only will I be writing for them, but you can also find some of my lookbook photos on there as well. Check out their website every two weeks for a new feature about my thoughts on fashion and style. This week I’m sharing what I think about the high fashion approach to street style. Hope you like it! Have an amazing weekend!





The key to wearing what you want year round is knowing how to adjust pieces to fit the weather. Like shorts for example. I won’t give up wearing this wardrobe staple ever! Layering is key when it’s cold, especially when you’re transforming summer garments into winter pieces. If you’re asking yourself “what do I wear” today, then here’s your answer. Don’t give into the weat...