Photography by RACHEL TSE ::CASPER AND PEARL dress/ BALLERINA flats/ DIOR diorama bag/ VICTORIA BECKHAM sunglasses::

2016 is my #CDDwellness year. I’ve been so inspired by all the wellness, health, and how to live a better life TED talks I’ve been watching in the last 5 months. Podcasts are also my favorite source of inspiration as of late ( I suggest Terri Cole: Hello freedom.) The books, the endless articles ...



Photography by @JeffThibodeau Photo taken post DIOR show SS16 Ready-to-Wear (link) :: CHRISTIAN WIJNANTS top, dress/ DIOR Diorama bag/ JOHN GALLIANO shoes/ LE SPECS sunnies::

Remembering my first fashion week experience. Four years ago. I had the opportunity to go to New York with ELLE US X NOKIA. You can o...




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It’s been a lot of fun working with HKTDC and on Hong Kong Fashion Week, learning about new, young designers and seeing all the new clothes for the season. A special part of Hong Kong Fashion Week is the HK Fashion Map, which puts together a few stores around Hong Kong that stocks designs from talented, local designers. My first stop on the m...


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Sometimes it’s a lot easier to do things knowing that you can stay anonymous and nobody knows who you are. Occasionally this is my defense mechanism and I like to hide behind a big pair of sunglasses, just for that moment of anonymity where I can be lost within my own, free thoughts. You know what, a wide brim hat is just as good too. Keeps the light out and the dark in. xx CDD



It was so nice to be asked to be a new contributor to the Style Tips website. Not only will I be writing for them, but you can also find some of my lookbook photos on there as well. Check out their website every two weeks for a new feature about my thoughts on fashion and style. This week I’m sharing what I think about the high fashion approach to street style. Hope you like it! Have an amazing weekend!