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:: ECCO shoes/ GSTAR RAW jeans/ MARC BY MARC JACOBS bag/ CARRERA sunglasses::

You never know which one you might get….or something like that, but you know what Forrest quote I’m getting at. It’s finally getting cooler in Hong Kong which means I can bring some of my Vancouver fashion over to the city. Buried in my layers and ankle booties, I can ponder in comfort– what to anticipate next? Who knows…




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I always find the collections from Jimmy Choo to be very romantic and intricate, which is why their new season has to be what’s good right now. Check out all of their new stuff at the new store at ifc Mall, where the women’s section is inspired by a 1940’s boutique. How poetic is that? See for yourself and tell me what you think.

From left to right:

JIMMY CHOO Razor Sequins Bag, JIMMY CHOO Leopard Print Pony Patent Smoke Black Bag, JIMMY CHOO Pony Skin White Ba...


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It always seems like the people with a knack for detail always have the greatest shoes. Maybe they’re not just an important element to an outfit, but also a way to assess someone’s personality. The pop of color and detail on this pair is the reason that I always check out the shoes the people around me are wearing. You never know what you might find or see. Or what it might say a...


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I really love these single strap sandals that are going around right now. They’re simple yet elegant and pretty much go with everything. I say that time and time again but I cannot stress how important versatile basics are. This summer I’ll definitely take my pair our for a spin to see the sun. Who makes your favorite single strap sandal?

xx CDD


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So the world is definitely round. It’s also full of hills and stairs and cobblestone paths as well as escalators and busy streets. This is my ode to flat shoes. Whoever said that the hot weather means strappy high heeled sandals or anything else with a heel really has got it all wrong. Keep calm and flat on!

From top left to right:

VALENTINO Macramé and mesh espadrilles [US$595],



Today’s inspiration is to help you think outside of the box. Things may seem a bit difficult, but if you put a little more thought into it, you never know what you can come up with. Like the Julian Hakes shoes for example–who knew there could be shoes without soles? They’re interesting, modern, and stylish. So go do something you’ve never done before. Who knows, you might get something you never th...