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Photos by @CrazyRouge/ Location: DOUBLE SIX SEMINYAK pool

::ON ME: AMERICAN APPAREL bathing suit/ HOUSE OF HOLLAND glasses:: ::ON CRAZYROUGE: PAPEETE bathing suit/ DIOR glasses::

Sometimes we need fantasy to survive reality, but to dream big can be intimidating. It’s nice to imagine a life perfect to your imagination, but what if? what if that is all i...


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Photos by @CrazyRouge/ Location: DOUBLE SIX SEMINYAK 3 bedroom penthouse

::PORTS1961 SS15 both dresses/ CAMILLA AND MARC hat/ JIMMY CHOO blue bag, heels/ RUPERT SANDERSON purple heels::

At a young age I learnt that my happiness should never be dependent on others. That said, it has never stopped me from doing things that made others smile. Like the weather, ...



The best thing about leaving the city for a girls trip to Bali? Hands down, the views. We stayed at the Istana villa resort, found through the Luxe Nomad. It was so easy to book the trip since their website was full of promotions for different resorts–the only problem was deciding on a place. Glad we chose a place with a crazy nice pool and perfect views of the su...