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Photography by Nigel Lew ::runway SACAI SS16/ ANTEPRIMA wirebag/ LE SPECS glasses::

First trip of the year, and it is back to Paris I go. It’s funny to think, that if you asked me maybe a year and a half ago, Paris would not have held the same meaning to me, as it does now. It’s true, that the skies, light, and colors of this city just seem to shine differently. Soft, like pastel. And as I lay here, in...


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Photography by Nigel Lew ::Fresh off the runway SACAI SS16/ ANTEPRIMA wirebag/ LE SPECS glasses::

It dawned on me, as I began writing this post that.. I am 30 freakin years old. The slightly sad thing is that my 20’s has concluded, and there is nothing I can do to add to the memories of it. The magical part of it is that life in my 30’s has only just begun! Where do I go from here, what do I want to ac...



There’s nothing like seeing new collections being updated online, but seeing them in person is an entirely different thing. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection is so intricate and detailed–it’s a completely different experience in person since you can touch the fabrics and look at all the beading up close. The jackets were my favorite part of the collection with golden hardware and beading and embroidery that mimics Faberge eggs. Which pieces were your favorite?