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:: dress and harness by AMAYA wedges/ HORACE leather jacket/ THIERRY LASRY glasses/ CHANEL bag

To get acquainted with the new products in Anteprima’s newest collection for Spring/Summer, I went to the event at Harbour City, where I caught up with friends and spotted my newest favorite accessory. While I covet a dog as my own, I can settle for one of the cute Ant...



Ever since the event for Anteprima wirebags, I can’t stop thinking about these cute dog wirebags. I’ve been contemplating getting a puppy lately (yorkshire terrier maybe?), but I’m not sure if I can handle the responsibility at the moment. In the mean time, I’ll just have a different dog as an accessory–the Anteprima wirebag kind.





My current obsession comes in a compact, stylish package. The Gucci leather disco bag is the perfect size–it holds everything yet is still small enough to not cause a distraction. It comes in lots of colors besides the classic black (although that’s available too). So just throw it over your shoulder and go to work, go out, or just…go anywhere. It goes with everything and matches every lifestyle.