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Photos by @CrazyRouge/ Location: DOUBLE SIX SEMINYAK 3 bedroom penthouse

::PORTS1961 SS15 both dresses/ CAMILLA AND MARC hat/ JIMMY CHOO blue bag, heels/ RUPERT SANDERSON purple heels::

At a young age I learnt that my happiness should never be dependent on others. That said, it has never stopped me from doing things that made others smile. Like the weather, ...


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Photos by DERHILL  ::PORTS 1961 dress and collar::

The best thing about watching an amazing sunset is that it helps you realize most things in life aren’t as important as they seem. Life goes on, no matter what. The sun will rise and set without fail, everyday. It burns itself, not only to give our planet the rotating force it needs, but keeps our little lives warm, and brig...


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