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Photography by Nigel Lew ::runway SACAI SS16/ ANTEPRIMA wirebag/ LE SPECS glasses::

Every now, and then, I wonder.

I wonder all the different things I could have become, but didn’t. All the times I was motivated by an idea, but never pulled through. I studied languages, I started learning how to play the ukulele, I studied law for two years. I am the sort of person who always need to have something ...



Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE Location: Star Ferry HK

What is golden? What is rare? A glimpse of the softest, most striking beauty of a woman’s glow. Moments of silence, and serenity. A fragment of time.

The golden hour is a moment. One long enough for you to savor, and appreciate it’s magic, but short enough for you to desire, and yearn for your next encounter. If you have ever chased sunr...


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Photography by Nigel Lew ::Fresh off the runway SACAI SS16/ ANTEPRIMA wirebag/ LE SPECS glasses::

It dawned on me, as I began writing this post that.. I am 30 freakin years old. The slightly sad thing is that my 20’s has concluded, and there is nothing I can do to add to the memories of it. The magical part of it is that life in my 30’s has only just begun! Where do I go from here, what do I want to ac...


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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE  in ROME. ::AIGLE jacket, top, scarf, boots/ ARITZIA shorts/ VICTORIA BECKHAM glasses/ DIOR diorama bag::

My last morning in Rome was spent enjoying breakfast, and a little stroll around our hotel. Breakfast has to be one of my favorite meals. If done right, it helps me eat sensibly for the rest of the day. (That is what Gretchin Rubin would call, “Secrets of adulthood.R...




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Photos by @PAULJS100/ Make up and hair by @ECHO_MAKEUP :: LA PERLA maison slip/ ATSURO TAYAMA fur vest ::

My bed is the most expensive (most important) piece of furniture at home, including mattress and bedding etc. I like to spend as much time in it as pos...