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Photos by :: MARIE FRANCE VAN DAMME bathing suit/ EUGENIA KIM hat/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

“If you spend life worrying about what you’re missing out on, surely you’re never going to appreciate what’s in front of you.” The beauty of living is in it’s endless possibilities, there is always something bigger and better. Hopes and dreams. For me, living life to the fullest is to advance in life, to self improve, to achieve and experi...


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Photos by :: EMAMO dress/  EUGENIA KIM hat/ FENDI glasses/ M BY MISSONI bag::

Cliff diving was a unique experience, one, because I have never done anything like it before. Two, like bungee jumping, it requires you to take that leap (and a running start). As soon as you jump, you are still in mid air for a few seconds, before gravity catches up and you begin to fall. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with the ocean. I love it’s calmness and bea...


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:: All outfits by BA&SH/ Now open at IFC::

“Childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief have always been passionate about fashion, travel and encounters of all kinds. It was only natural to transform their complementary vision into developing their own brand: ba&sh.”

A few weeks back, Ba & sh invited me to one of my favorite cities, Paris. I got to meet best friends and owners of the brand, Barbara and Sharon. We visited the atelier, a few bash sto...



Photos by :: ZIMMERMANN bathing suit ( Net-a-Porter exclusive)/ LOCAL PARK skirt/ EUGENIA KIM hat/ REVE BY RENE sunglasses::

We arrived in Mykonos at around 3pm. The Grace hotel was conveniently located five minutes from the pier. After being greeted with champagne and ice cold fruit kebabs, we proceeded to settle into our junior suite. Beach hopping was on the top of our list, so, we asked around, and Nammos beach club was highly recommended.

A hop, a s...


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Photos by :: M MISSONI dress and bag/ PRADAsunglasses/ CHRISHABANA X TWELVEOTWO rings/ BCBG sandals::

Fresh off the boat, from Santorini to Mykonos. We checked in at the GRACE MYKONOS, spoilt with champagne and a warm friendly welcome from the staff. After a tour of the hotel, we quickly settled and began planning for the next 3 days. Mykonos has a distinctly different vibe from Santorini, less scenic, but beautiful all the same. While Santorini was more sophist...



Photos by :: EMAMO dress / EUGENIA KIM hat/ M MISSONI bag::

The dreary weather in Hong Kong has been making me miss the clear blue skies and ocean back in Greece. Nothing beats feeling like the luckiest girl alive, chilling by the pool, looking out to the edge of the world. The first night was spent at the Andronis boutique hotel in Oia, Santorini. Located dead center of this cute little town, you’re never short of options to shop, wine and dine. After a lo...