Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: MAJE denim jacket / STELLA MCCARTNEY glasses / APL shoes / MULBERRY bag / TOP SHOP jeans ::

Wellness has been a buzz word in the past year with focuses on meditation and positivity to bring focus and happiness into our lives. This has morphed into an obscure world of health concoctions, powders, juices, topical products, and even podcasts discussing the latest trends in wellness....


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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: ZARA jacket / MAJE bag ::

They used to say that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. I recently read somewhere that it actually takes 66 days to form a new habit. The daily repetition helps create new pathways in the brain, so the more you do something the easier it gets because the paths will trace over themselves.

While I’m always trying to improve and form new and better...


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Photos by AndroidsinBoots

I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey’s greatest hits album all week. Music plays such an important role in my life. It sets the mood for the day, the week. There was a time it dictated how I felt, how I acted. Words are limited in a song, usually it’s short, sweet, and almost always on point. A good song has the power to transport you back to one exact moment, and revive lost emotions.<...