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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

MAISON MICHEL hat/ AIGLE blue sweater/ ZARA skirt/ PUMA shoes/ COCCINELLE bag

It’s very easy to get caught up when you’re living in Hong Kong. Whether it’s being caught up in your own thoughts or a project you’re working on or a problem you’re having, the way the city is structured has an impact on how we focus on things. Because space is at a minimum, everything...


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Rainy season/monsoon season can be quite frustrating in the city. The skies are dark and the city resembles Gotham City, but it’s still quite hot. Rain also brings traffic jams and crowds of umbrella clad pedestrians, but it’s the post-rain scenery that makes it all worth it. Stay dry with these essentials.

From top left to right:

FULTON Riva Auto 2 Photo Umbrella [US $34], TAGS:,,,,,,,