Pick up an issue of this month’s Hong Kong Harper’s Bazaar for an interview with me and a few other fashion influencers, including my friend Tina Leung! It’s a brief and to the point interview of my must haves and favorites for the season and upcoming fall season. (Those kinds of interviews are the best–get your information and get it fast!) Another feature in a print magazine, thanks Kennis!




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There was a fun shoot at a few weeks ago at the Peninsula that featured a lot of stylish people and some really yummy cupcakes. The shots turned out great for an article for Time Out Hong Kong magazine that I got to be featured in. Check out interviews for each fashion influencer h...



During the summer, I was featured in Jessica Code’s June 2012 issue in their JCODE.BLOG section. It was so great to be chosen to be in the magazine, especially one of such influence in Hong Kong’s fashion industry. I was asked to answer “What is your style?”. My style is easy-going, casual, with focus on cut and fit, but it’s difficult to classify my style in a few words. It’s pretty much how everyone’s style should be–it’s my own. Hope yo...