:: NIKE tights and tank/ PUMA urban mobility snake print backpack/ PUMA X MIHARA army green jacket/ PUMA disc blaze sneakers/ KAREN WALKER sunglasses::

Finally get to reveal all the photos from my recent trip to Lijiang! Our first stop was the Tiger Leaping Gorge north of the city, where we saw all of the beautiful views and mountains. It was really great to hike and explore China and only bump into a few cows along the way–a huge difference compared to all the other crowded part...


Do you ever wish to just escape? By escape i dont mean traveling. I mean an escape from what you are…and breaking through to something More. Sometimes i wish i could take care of everything for everybody. I wish i was capable and have this ability to take stress and pressure off of other people. People i love. One thing ive learnt from 26 years of living is that there arent much you can plan for. I’ve learnt its best to take it day by day cause who knows what could happen? this way,...