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After taking the time to brainstorm and read and think a little to myself at the airport terminal, I’m ready to head home. Traveling is always fun, but packing and unpacking is always the hardest part. My go to essentials for my trips? Definitely a mix of textures and a bunch of tees. I like to stick to leather and lace. What about you?





We know the Chinese New Year holiday is coming up, and what better to keep all that extra red envelope money than in this Ecco Belaga large zip leather wallet in purple? Enter our fourth giveaway to win this wallet, a perfect accessory to go with any bag. Just follow the simple steps:

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:: JULIAN HAKES shoes/ HORACE leather jacket/ NASTY GAL dress/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ GUCCI soho disco bag/ DA SEIN socks::

The start to the week is always a hectic one, but it’s always worth it for the sigh of relief afterwards, knowing everything is going smoothly and there are goals to be accomplished. Today I’...



Fall is in the air. And it almost seems like Hong Kong has finally made a decision on the weather–breezy with a chance of drizzle. I am currently lusting after the perfect pair of booties. I haven’t found the right pair of ankle boots just yet, but I’m still trying and hoping for the best…If you’ve seen anything that looks like these Zara boots from What-do-i-wear, let me know!





::HORACE leather jacket/STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB split up skirt/SMALL FRIZE tee/GUCCI bag::

Life is always full of surprises. Whether they are good or bad, we just take them as they come. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon many good surprises though. Like hanging out with designer of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, and chatting with him before heading to the dinner event for the brand. What a cool and friendly person. Always a great...



My current obsession comes in a compact, stylish package. The Gucci leather disco bag is the perfect size–it holds everything yet is still small enough to not cause a distraction. It comes in lots of colors besides the classic black (although that’s available too). So just throw it over your shoulder and go to work, go out, or just…go anywhere. It goes with everything and matches every lifestyle.