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Photos by  ::HOGAN sweater dress and booties/ MODE COLLECTIVE lunch bag/ KAREN WALKER glasses::

The year seems to be ending on a high, I haven’t felt so carelessly happy since my first pair of rollerblades (almost 15 years ago.) Back when I was 13, and lived in Vancouver. My rollerblades were everything to me. They took me around stanley park every weekend, shopping on robson. I lived by the waterfront, so they were always an option when I wanted to go to the store f...


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Outfit One ::COACH dress and bag/ JIMMY CHOO booties/ KAREN WALKER glasses:: Outfit Two ::COACH dress, bag, and shoes/ KAREN WALKER glasses::

If you ask me, dressing down is always harder than dressing up. Looking effortless takes more effort because you don’t want to end up looking sloppy. My tip to avoid looking sloppy is to wear a simple cut dress with an intricate print. A print that will feed the eyes of any onlooker. Here are a few pieces I like from Coach that serves those...


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::HOGAN shoes/ TODS bag/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ DVF jacket::

How do you choose between doing what you think is the right thing to do, and what you want to do? If you know me at all, this is probably one of my most asked questions. I live a life of extremes, for me, balance has always been a farfetched idea, a goal. When you grow up with the saying ‘All or nothing,” seemingly ingrained in your beliefs, it’s hard to grasp what being happy in the middle feels like. The bi...



Photos by Paulsta Wong

:: HOGAN bag and shoes/ KAREN WALKER sunglasses/ TRUE RELIGION jacket ::

It’s the week of love so what better way to show it than to wear your heart on your…heel. Valentine’s Day might be a little overrated, but whether you happily have a significant other or are happy having fun with friends, it’s always good to spread the love. MJ said all we need is L-O-V-E and he was right. So here I am, spreading my love to you.




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:: LEVI’S vest/ NASTYGAL crop top/ Skirt from shop in SoHo/ AMAYA wedges/ FURLA bag/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ SWAROVSKI bracelet ::

Anya Hindmarch celebrated 20 years since the opening of her first international store in Hong Kong in May with an exhibition at the Galerie Perrotin. The setup of the Bespoke Collection featured some really cool custom jewelry boxes and passport holders that could hold your own message inside. There was also a display with some Margaret Thatcher manneq...


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:: NEW ERA Cleveland Indians hat/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ AMERICAN APPAREL tee/ INSIGHT51 shorts from ZOOQ.COM/ TOPSHOP flats/ CHANEL bag ::

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It’s the beginning of June now and with all the plans for summer, the months always seem so long. It’s long when you’re going through it, but always seems so much faster when the time has already passed. So how do we make the most out of it? How will you make the most out of it?