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Photos by Jeff Thibodeau

:: Sunglasses by GUCCI EXCLUSIVELY FOR DFS @DFSofficial @gucci ::

Paris is one of my favorite cities to visit. Besides the beautiful architecture and the relaxed pace, there is beauty at every turn. My favorite activity every time I’m there is exploring the local markets. A stroll outside with fresh produce and homemade products is the key to a perfect day.

I love indulging in brea...



Photography by @JeffThibodeau On Location in Paris, Concorde metro station ::KENZO RESORT’15 outfit::

Wrapping it up. For the past week, I’ve been feeling a bit anxious. It seems to be a reoccurring event. The notion of wrapping things up, really stresses me out. I worry about forgetting to do things, or that I haven’t prepared enough for the next year. I’m the most forgetful person I know,...


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Photography by @JeffThibodeau On Location in Paris, at the Tuileries Garden. ::KENZO RESORT’15 outfit::

Relationships shouldn’t be a perpetual struggle between being understanding of others, and respecting your own self worth. The solution is a simple, self perpetuated (on both parties) a healthy give, and take balance. It&...


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Photography by @JeffThibodeau ::BALMAIN FW15 outfit::

I randomly stumbled upon a bunch of youtube videos last week which talked about vibrations, frequencies, and basically positive thinking to change your life. An idea so simple, ( absolutely not easy)  so profound, and has proven to work for so many people, just seemed a no brainer. We all want better things for our lives, we try our best to grow, and evolv...



Photography by @JeffThibodeau ::KENZO FW15 blazer, sandals, paw bag/ PIAPOSTROPHEA shorts/ LE SPECS glasses::

Two days before taking these photos, I had decided to quit smoking. I still remember what shitty mood I was in, constantly thinking, “Why am I doing this to myself.” The struggle is real, ( I have been smoking on and off for just over a decade) I’ve quit before a few times, but never fo...



Photography by @JeffThibodeau Photo taken post DIOR show SS16 Ready-to-Wear (link) :: CHRISTIAN WIJNANTS top, dress/ DIOR Diorama bag/ JOHN GALLIANO shoes/ LE SPECS sunnies::

Remembering my first fashion week experience. Four years ago. I had the opportunity to go to New York with ELLE US X NOKIA. You can o...