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Although fashion photography can be used as inspiration with the outfits and accessorizing to show you how something can be worn or to show how to mix and match things, I prefer looking at fashion photography to see what kind of feeling it evokes. Runway photos can’t really portray too much feeling because of the stoic looking models, which is why I prefer street style like this shot from Tommy Ton. Simple smoke break t...


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This is my mood for today. Just kidding, but I always love looking at the shots from the amazing Tommy Ton. But actually, I’ve been working on some new projects for the summer that I’m really excited to share with all of you. The thing with having your own blog or business or anything that you can call your own, really, is that you can’t stop thinking about it and how to improve upon it. Sometimes I have too...



Miroslava does it again with an effortlessly cool outfit, and Tommy Ton is there to capture it of course. They’re not lying when they say that a picture can tell a thousand words. Not that I can think of a thousand words to say for this picture, but it evokes a feeling that is very difficult to describe. What do you think? Have an amazing Tuesday!