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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: AIGLE vest and boots::

Hong Kong weather in the summer is the bane of my existence because it’s so unpredictable and inconsistent. Sometimes it’s super gray skies and it’ll turn bright and sunny and sometimes you wake up to nice weather and the next thing you know it’s pouring. The key to dressing to this city? Outfits that wear well and are still fu...


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Photos by @EdwardKB  :: H&M STUDIO AW14 dress::

A few months ago, I decided to “Explore Hong Kong.” So… I did. And so far so good. I’ve hiked to the Sunset Peak to nap and watch the sunset (here...



::H&M blouse/ ZARA skirt/ TOPSHOP clutch/ CARRERA glasses::

It’s been one hectic week!! Trying to settle as much as i can before i depart Hong Kong for the next three weeks. First stop will be New Zealand for my first ever NZFW. It seems “SHEEP!” is a popular reaction to “Im going to NZFW!” I will return to HK for a day for an exciting photo shoot before i fly off to Milan, for my first MFW.

I’d like to say i’m ecstatic but honestly,...


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:: H&M blouse and skirt/ CARRERA glasses/ TOPSHOP clutch/ COS shoes ::

The fashion world is a huge creative industry that releases collections every season. While we try to follow the trends, we’re also gathering a huge collection of clothes in our closets. H&M is launching a garment collection initiative to help us and the environment collect clothing to reduce textile waste and environmental impact. You ...



:: CLUB MONACO skirt and bag/ TRUE RELIGION jacket/ H&M top/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ COS shoes :: Photos by

This is a CDD public service announcement: stay hydrated! It’s been ...



::NASTY GAL dress/ TRUE RELIGION leather jacket/ JIMMY CHOO bag/ H&M belt::

Jimmy Choo always comes up with classic and exciting new shoes, and this time, with a collaboration with Rob Pruitt, the designs are even more wild and quirky. With a panda for a muse, the bags and shoes are black and white and printed all over. It’s like playing dress up for grown ups– what a fun idea.