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Photos by @CrazyRouge/ Location: Pasar Umum Ubud Bali ::on me: GUCCI SS15 blue floral dress/ VERSACE glasses/ STUART WEITZMAN sandals/ JIMMY CHOO bag:: ::on her: ROBERTO CAVALLI SS15 yellow dress::

“Pleasure may come from illusion, but happiness can come only of reality.” But what if we turn our illusions into reality? Is it at all possible to dip our toes in the best of both worlds? I for one, have always fo...



Photos by David Lim @Kuronoir / Location: @FShongkong ::GUCCI pre fall 2015 dress, shoes/ Official campaign (here) ::

When you welcome someone new in your life, it’s easy to put your best foot forward. You’re starting with a blank slate, there are no pre...



::GUCCI gown/ GUCCI horsebit collection timepiece::

In a few days I will be 29 (Jan 18), it will officially mark the last twenty-something year of my life. Each year, on my birthday, I decide on something to dedicate my year to. I feel thats the best way to keep myself focused, help me achieve my goals, and help me make the right decisions. So this year, like the last year of the previous decade (when I turned 19), I am dedicating my year to becoming the woman I want to be at 30. I wan...


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Summer is always a good time to be a little more aware about the way you smell…especially because it’s so hot. My usual go to perfume is Chloe eau de parfum, but on occasion I feel like switching it up. You can never go wrong with a signature scent, but make sure it’s something that’s classic and fits you. Spicy, sweet, or fruity, what’s your scent?

From top left to right:



ZARA leather sleeve jacket/ URBAN OUTFITTERS tee/ AJE skirt from AMAYA wedges/ GUCCI bag/ KAREN WALKER glasses

Ever since returning from the States, all I can think about is going back. I miss the beautiful, cool weather and the huge portions for breakfast and the excitement of what is to come at the beginning of ...



:: COS sweater/ DOLCE & GABBANA sunglasses/ TRUE RELIGION leather jacket/ GUCCI bag/ DIANE VON FURSTENBERG skirt/ AMAYA wedges::

I’m always searching for new inspiration on Wednesdays to help keep me going through the week. My current obsession? These pink Dolce &Gabbana sunglasses that I can’t stop wearing. The reflective lenses keep others from seeing where I&...