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Photos by DEREK@DERHILL.COM :: PORTS 1961 leather jacket and skirt/ REVE BY RENE glasses/ ZARA crop top/ ALEXANDER WANG heels::

When my friend Derek and I decided to do a shoot together, still in the spirit of discovering Hong Kong, I immediately thought of this swimming pier near pok fu lam, in Hong Kong. I’ve seen lots of gorgeous photos of this pier, i’ve just been waiting for the chance to shoot here.

Its another perfect spot in HK to watch the sunset. A 260̸...


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Photos by @PAULJS100/ Make up and hair by @ECHO_MAKEUP :: LA PERLA maison slip/ ATSURO TAYAMA fur vest ::

My bed is the most expensive (most important) piece of furniture at home, including mattress and bedding etc. I like to spend as much time in it as possible, and since I work from home, I am fortunate enough to be able to do just that.

I once read an article on elite daily that said, people who sleep naked are more likely to have better dreams and wake up with more energy. I...


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Photos by :: MARIE FRANCE VAN DAMME bathing suit/ EUGENIA KIM hat/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

“If you spend life worrying about what you’re missing out on, surely you’re never going to appreciate what’s in front of you.” The beauty of living is in it’s endless possibilities, there is always something bigger and better. Hopes and dreams. For me, living life to the fullest is to advance in life, to self improve, to achieve and experi...


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Photos by :: ADIDAS X FARM SS14 jacket and shorts::

I came across the Adidas x Farm collaboration randomly on tumblr one day. I instantly fell in love with the lookbook. (link) The photos were shot so perfectly, with the sunset and the endless ocean as backdrop to four fit, nonchalantly posed, “bitch don’t kill my vibe” looking models. I secretly yearned to be apart of it. So when I went to Santorini, I knew it was my opportunity to shoot someth...



Photos by PAUL S :: BEC AND BRIDGE dress/ OROTON bag/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

Hong Kong is a fast paced, and demanding city to live in. It’s draining. You always gotta be doing something to feel like you’re keeping up. Although we’re only a few hours away from the best getaways, say Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Phillipines etc. Flights are relatively cheap and can be booked conveniently on your iphone. The only impediment is usually work, work, and more work.

I ment...



::AMULETTE DE CARTIER necklace:: Photos by

Here it is, the last set of photos for the Amulette de Cartier project. ( Click to see the first and second post.) The Amulette has accompanied me since the day it arrived, almost 3 months now. Its not only been a lucky charm that holds my wishes but also a source of inspiration. Takes me to new places, conquer new heights.

Hong Kong is a small compact city, famous for the billion dollar cityscape that light u...