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Photos by @DerekHill Resort @ShantiMaurice ::HOGAN tee, culottes, and shoes/ Karen Walker glasses/ Eugenia Kim fedora::

Day one: Mauritius

The journey from Hong Kong to Mauritius was definitely one that required a bit of patience. There is only one (or two) direct flight per week from hk to Mauritius so if you miss the bus, you’re gonna have to do a layover ...


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Photos by :: MARIE FRANCE VAN DAMME bathing suit/ EUGENIA KIM hat/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

“If you spend life worrying about what you’re missing out on, surely you’re never going to appreciate what’s in front of you.” The beauty of living is in it’s endless possibilities, there is always something bigger and better. Hopes and dreams. For me, living life to the ful...


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Photos by :: M MISSONI  top, skirt and bag/ EUGENIA KIM hat/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

Looking out at nothing, but fifty shades of blue. You can’t help but reflect on life, think about the people who matter most, those who don’t. Places you’ve been, places you have yet to explore. It doesnt have to be Greece, just find somewhere quiet. Somewhere you can hear yourself think.

xx CDD



Photos by :: ZIMMERMANN bathing suit ( Net-a-Porter exclusive)/ LOCAL PARK skirt/ EUGENIA KIM hat/ REVE BY RENE sunglasses::

We arrived in Mykonos at around 3pm. The Grace hotel was conveniently located five minutes from the pier. After being greeted with champ...