The finished video for Esprit’s ‘I Love My City’ campaign is out! Please watch it here. Yvan Rodic of FaceHunter and I ran all around Hong Kong to show you what I love about this chaotic place. Share what you think about Hong Kong and the video, and make sure you check out the behind the scenes content we have to see how it all went down.





It’s finally time to unveil the project that I did with Esprit back in August. Blogger Yvan Rodic of FaceHunter flew out to Hong Kong to work with me on the I Love My City campaign for Esprit. The finished video looks great, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Check out the entire campaign on, and make sure to check out the other I Love My City representatives too. They’ll show you around New York, Amsterdam, and Paris with great videos and photos. And wa...