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I’m usually all about keeping it casual when it comes to dressing even when I’m out at events and dinners since it’s what I’m most comfortable in, but with this Saturday’s gala dinner coming up, I’ve been thinking about lots and lots of dresses lately. Short or long? Color? Classic black? I think I’ve finally made my decision, but if you need some help for any special occasion, online shop Misses Dressy has tons to choose from– long gowns or fun...



:: JULIAN HAKES shoes/ HORACE leather jacket/ NASTY GAL dress/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ GUCCI soho disco bag/ DA SEIN socks::

The start to the week is always a hectic one, but it’s always worth it for the sigh of relief afterwards, knowing everything is going smoothly and there are goals to be accomplished. Today I’...



::SABOSKIRT dress/TRUE RELIGION leather jacket/ SOLUDOS shoes/ GUCCI bag/ KAREN WALKER glasses::

Savoring the last few days of warm weather before the winter, we had a yummy family barbecue outside. It’s nice that the weekends are always reserved for spending time with family and loved ones. But now it’...



The evolution of fashion is an interesting and innovative process. Nowadays we dress a lot more casually and wear pants everywhere. Although I like to keep it casual, I also like the idea of wearing more dresses to places and to hang out. If you’re having trouble finding the right style or cut, the House of Fraser online store has a large selection of dresses. I’ve recently st...



There’s nothing like seeing new collections being updated online, but seeing them in person is an entirely different thing. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection is so intricate and detailed–it’s a completely different experience in person since you can touch the fabrics and look at all the beading up close. The jackets were my favorite part of the collection with golden hardware and beading and embroidery that mimics Faberge eggs. Which pieces were your favorite?




A good, cohesive collection makes me get a feeling of content and comfort. Like that feeling after you drink something on a hot day, and you just want to say, “Aaaah”. The pre-fall 2012 collection from No21 gives me just that. There’s perfect fit, nice structure, and eye-popping color. My top picks from this collection have definitely got to be these looks. Aaaah.