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:: HOGAN shoes and clutch/ CDD X CHRISTING C skirt/ ZARA jacket/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ CDD X CASE SCENARIO iphone case ::

It’s the week of Christmas! And I cannot be more excited to spend time with my family and eat a lot of really great food. I’ll be heading out soon too on a few trips to spend some quality time with close friends. It’s been a great year, and I’m itching for 2014 to come and all the exciting new projects and goals it will bring. Stay warm!




::HORACE leather jacket/STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB split up skirt/SMALL FRIZE tee/GUCCI bag::

Life is always full of surprises. Whether they are good or bad, we just take them as they come. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon many good surprises though. Like hanging out with designer of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, and chatting with him before heading to the dinner event for the brand. What a cool and friendly person. Always a great...