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Photos by Sabrina Sikora  @SabrinoSikora ::AMERICAN APPAREL crop top (shop crop top)/ LOCALPARK leather skirt/ ZARA shoes (similar here) and hat/ CHANEL crop jacket/ KAREN WALKER sunnies/ KOTUR clutch::

The first few months of 2015 was a bit of a blur for me. In a blink of an eye April is soon approaching, is it true that the older you get the faster time seems to pass you by? Getting back on track has been the name of the game. I guess I am not as quickly adaptable than I used to b...


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Photos by Sabrina Sikora  @SabrinoSikora ::CDD x MATAHARI ‘Noble Nobody’ clutch/ CHANEL blazer/ LOUIS VUITTON trench/ SAINT LAURENT heels/ GREY ANT glasses::

Losing weight. keeping fit, and going on diets. A few things all girls struggle with at least once in their lives, ( or in my case, its a never ending struggle.) What I’ve recently realized, and this might be extremely obvious to others, that my body runs on a monthly cycle. You have to patient with your body ...


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Photos by @DerekHill ::CHANEL blazer/ HUDSON jeans/ SERGIO ROSSI heels/ FOSSIL watch, bag::

It’s important to have a few outfits in your closet that are foolproof. Your go to looks for when you don’t want to think about what to wear. This would be mine.

xx CDD


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Photos by Sabrina Sikora  @SabrinoSikora ::MIU MIU top, skirt, belt, sunglasses/ KOTUR shoes, clutch/ CHANEL blazer::

Every Chinese New Year, I get to spend at home with my sizeable family. The day begins and ends with food, food, and more food. It’s a perpetual cycle of eating, and cooking. Spent most of the day in the kitchen with my mom trying to learn a thing or two. Those few days of family time reminded me of when we were young, when everyone still lived at home. We’...



Photos by @DerekHill :: CHANEL cropped blazer/ AMERICAN APPAREL crop top/ MATT HUI skirt/ JIMMY CHOO pumps/ FOSSIL watch and bag::

Buddha once said, “The trouble is, you think you have time,” well, but Buddha, time is all we have. Time heals, time defines, time is hope, it’s life, it’s unconditional. Time is as time does, it doesn’t wait, it’s passive aggressive. It is both the angel on my left and devil on my right.

Living in the moment is th...


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:: CHLOE Black Coat with leather trim/ YSL Vintage 1970’s Sunglasses/ Vintage CHANEL Umbrella holder/ Vintage CHANEL black and pearl earrings/ ZARA shoes ::

Vintage shopping in Hong Kong aren’t two words that you would expect to mix when it comes to shopping here, but it’s growing in popularity now, and that makes me really happy. Reverie – A Girl Can Dream Vintage Shop is now your local go to store in Central for amazing vintage goods, like this Chanel umbre...