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Photography by @MiaHaggi On location from Sha Tin to Tai Po ::PUMA jacket/ HOGAN glasses::

There are people in your life where you just feel at ease with. At ease to be yourself. Be weird. Of course it helps that i’ve known them for over a decade. They are the people who want to see you succeed, give you time and space to grow, but will always be there when you want them to be.

If you live in Hong Kong, I recomm...



Photography by @MiaHaggi On location at Mt. High West hike. ::BODYISM sports bra/ YOUAREXYZ hoodie vest/ PUMA X MIHARA YASUHIRO jacket/ ADIDAS X STELLA MCCARTNEY leggings/ SALOMON running shoes/ HOGAN glasses::

Nothing recharges me quite like a good two hour hike. I started hiking precisely three years ago, (link to my first serious hike at Tiger Leaping G...


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::Bodyism via Netaporter::

Last month I made a small announcement on instagram that I signed up to do a 60k race in LiJiang, China organized by Action Asia Events. It was one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever signed up for so I trained at least 12k a day, and tried to be as healthy as possible. One ...


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Photos by @EdwardKB  :: H&M STUDIO AW14 dress::

A few months ago, I decided to “Explore Hong Kong.” So… I did. And so far so good. I’ve hiked to the Sunset Peak to nap and watch the sunset (here...


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:: PUMA jacket, leggings, sneakers/CARRERA sunglasses ::

Last month the CDD team and friends came together before the sun was up to run the UNICEF marathon on behalf of the MAC Aids Fund. I’ve never ran a marathon, so it was a great first experience! We had been training for weeks in preparation of the 10K and in the end, we all made it. Good job team, and thanks MAC for having us! It was a great way to spend our Sunday.





When the weather is hot, and you feel like eating something more light and refreshing, it’s always a great time to eat clean and healthier. The GM Diet Challenge is good way to help get back on track and fit in your jeans better, so join me in this seven day challenge. I’ll be starting the diet with my friends on 1 June 2013 and would love all of the Cindiddy readers to join! Please see more about the diet plan TAGS:,,,