:: Crudo di Langoustine, Organic beetroot tartare, Burrata cheese, and blood orange/ Italian testa, smoking melting egg, butternut squash and shaved winter black truffles/ Hand-crafted spaghetti pasta, Manila clams, toasted herb bread crumbs/ Slow-cooked wild sea bass, king crab, and black truffle dashi/ 18 Hours steamed Iberico pork belly, forest mushroom, celery root and cumin red wine sauce/ Dessert surprise ::

“A beautiful face doesn’t need a lot of make up. Same goes f...



On today’s edition of CDD Cooks, I’ve made my own version of pigs in a blanket using bread dough, so they’re more of a sausage roll. They’re perfect for breakfast or snack right out of the oven. In this recipe, I’ve made two different kinds of sausage rolls–the straight rolls are the original version and the twisted rolls have tomato sauce. They were so good, even Jared said he was officially impressed. Have a great weekend!





This week I put the candy to the side and focused on a more ambitious project–bread. It takes so much patience to knead and wait and knead and wait, but there’s nothing like having fresh bread from the oven. How do bakers do it? I followed this recipe for challah bread from Martha Stewart, and it came out pretty well. For now, I’ll be trying out a lot more other bread recipes. Any ideas for cool things...