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Photography by Nigel Lew ::Fresh off the runway SACAI SS16/ ANTEPRIMA wirebag/ LE SPECS glasses::

It dawned on me, as I began writing this post that.. I am 30 freakin years old. The slightly sad thing is that my 20’s has concluded, and there is nothing I can do to add to the memories of it. The magical part of it is that life in my 30’s has only just begun! Where do I go from here, what do I want to ac...


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Photos by @DerekHill Resort @ShantiMaurice ::HOGAN tee, culottes, and shoes/ Karen Walker glasses/ Eugenia Kim fedora::

Day one: Mauritius

The journey from Hong Kong to Mauritius was definitely one that required a bit of patience. There is only one (or two) direct flight per week from hk to Mauritius so if you miss the bus, you’re gonna have to do a layover ...


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There was a fun shoot at a few weeks ago at the Peninsula that featured a lot of stylish people and some really yummy cupcakes. The shots turned out great for an article for Time Out Hong Kong magazine that I got to be featured in. Check out interviews for each fashion influencer h...



My second installment as contributor of Global Asia Magazine has been published in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue. This time, we focus on the fashion in China, including trends, models, and the rising power of Chinese demand in luxury fashion markets. Check it out if you can read Chinese or Spanish. Thanks to Global Asia Magazine again for considering me for this contribution! Now, go have a great weekend!!