It was so great to take a tour around the new Balmain shop at Harbour City with designer Olivier Rousteing and have him introduce all the pieces to me. He was very friendly and cool. Such a talented designer! Here’s my one on one interview with him. Hope you enjoy, and please don’t forget to subscribe to our channels on Vimeo, Youtube, and Youku!


One on One with Olivier Rousteing:

Welcome to Russia in some way. It all started with this idea of making this kind of Russian, super rich collection. I had the trip in New York last winter, and I went to the Christie’s exhibition. There was this egg- Faberge egg from Richard Burton, and I loved it so I wanted to translate this egg and all its qualities and richness. At at the same time getting the opulence of Russia.

-Which one is your favorite?

My favorite actually is over there. I liked it because it’s mixing the cross stitching with all the green and the padded leather and the light blue and all the pearls so I think this one is really important because it’s mixing all the richness and all the memory that I can get from Russia’s story.

-What is it like working for Balmain? Is there pressure?

It’s more fun than pressure. Balmain is fun. Balmain is like the show that you see: it’s fun; it’s an amazing experience at my age where I’m really enjoying and have a really young team that works with me, they’re all my friends. It’s like a family story so I pretty much enjoy working for this brand.

-What is it like being so young and working at a major fashion house in Paris?

It’s all about dream. It’s what I said for my last collection, when people ask me what I’m expecting for people to think about your collection. It’s all about dream, and it’s a dream to have this job at this age. I’m just enjoying. I play music loud and sketching with all my friends in the office and I’m having fun. This is the pleasure of my age.

-Tell us about your Balmain team.

The Balmain team is from all around the world. There are people from Denmark, Japan, China. My first assistant is from Puerto Rico. It’s very like Paris and Italy. It’s a big mix which is what I love about Balmain.

-Has your background and how you’ve grown up inspired you or affected your design in any way?

Yeah, of course. For me it was very important where I’m from, what I learn, education. My mom is a strong woman actually, she’s not scared. We travel a lot when I’m young, and I discovered a lot of languages and a lot of culture, and I’m mixed race too. For me it was really important, everything that happened in my life, I think it helped me to become what I am today.

-How do you celebrate after every collection?
Oh my god. I can’t say. [laughs] Celebrating after every collection means a lot. It’s having fun with all my team. Sometimes my parents come and everything but it’s something I just want to do with my team. When I celebrate, it’s really close. It’s really with my team. It’s all the people that had the passion to make this collection. We have parties, parties, parties all night long in Paris. We don’t even shower after the show. We just go to the restaurant and party party all night long. And then we wake up in the morning and say, “Oh my god. It’s done. The show is done.”