We had the great opportunity of hanging out with French artist Charles Munka at JOYCE Central at the end of May, where we spoke about his art installation in the shop. Influenced by hip hop, street culture, and various big cities, his work is an interesting mix of contemporary, urban, and maybe even abstract art. Born in Lyon, France, Munka has moved from Tokyo to Shanghai and now Hong Kong, making him a truly nomadic artist.

One on One with Charles Munka:
-Please talk about your current installation at Joyce. What is it about?
They’re a mix of cultural references, personal experiences, stories all mixed together on canvas and the interaction between all these things. These are Japanese imagery found in the streets. You can find different numbers that relate to me, my personal life.I like moving to the cities. I was studying art in France and I dropped out of school as I was trying to see the world.All the juxtaposition of all these things ultimately are going to create some composition that work. I’ve always been interested in the Russian alphabet. If you look well, you can probably find a bunch of Japanese characters. I lived in Japan for about a year. The feeling of the installation could be looked at as some kind of extraction site because on the floor the base is made of diesel layouts from ancient Egyptian ruins.
-What struggles or discoveries have you made as an artist?
You can go on and on and on forever. Erase everything and just start again. You just need to catch the right moment. You can’t look up to other things too much. You know, just feel it and go for it and keep doing it.
A big thank you to the JOYCE Hong Kong team and Charles Munka for taking the time to talk to us! We always love seeing different kinds of art and fresh talent, and hopefully Hong Kong will bring in more artists for us to share. Please subscribe to CindiddyTV for updates (YouTubeVimeoTuDou).