A few weeks ago, my friend and esteemed fashion blogger from China, Han Huo Huo visited Hong Kong to shoot for his new style book, fittingly named Fire Bible. I was so happy to be part of the book! It was a fun shoot filled with three outfit changes, lots of laughs, and plenty of black and gold accessories. After the shoot, we went one on one with Han Huo Huo to talk to him about his book and what fashion means to him.

One on One with Han Huo Huo:

-Can you tell us about your book?
We were thinking about the first book for a long time. Nearly three years. I talked about a project for Swarovski before but you had no time you were in London. When we took the project with Swarovski, we did the styling of all my friends, and suddenly I thought that’s what I want to do. So here is the book. It’s me and my friends, and I will do all the styling. And the name, there’s no Chinese name—Fire Bible. And it has different years, year by year, you know every year, they have two seasons of the fashion trends. The people change and the fashion trends are different every year every season, but the same thing that never changes is the friendships. Fashion changes friendships stay.

Every year is different. Maybe five years later or ten years later. You can imagine there is a wall. It’s a wall with ten different years’ pictures of yourself. It’s very amazing.

-How did you come up with the styling for everybody?

I think some of my friends told me that I made everybody look like me. I didn’t want to do that but I have to admit it’s the truth. There’s the black and gold, some gold accessories. I didn’t want to do that but I couldn’t control myself when I did the styling. I hate that. I like this. So everybody is me.

-When is the book coming out?
I think maybe this September or maybe later in October. October is my birthday, so maybe I think that my first book is a new birth of myself, a new beginning, and a new history of my background.

Can’t wait to see how the book turns out, and thanks again for having me! Please subscribe to CindiddyTV for updates (YouTubeVimeoTuDou).