Shooting the video for DFS’ Fall Campaign will remain one of the most memorable shoots I’ve worked on. Hawaii was gorgeous – the sunset surf scene was the best display of how amazing it was. I was sitting on the surf board, taking in the double rainbows and struggling to balance (my first time surfing!) because it was so beautiful. It was the perfect example of why I love to travel: experiencing the world and seeing the beauty of nature is incredibly rewarding in ways that can’t be explained in words.

Holiday season is rolling around, and I’m excited to share with you what gives me joy: traveling. Experiencing new environments and seeing new scenery pushes you to change and grow, so if you’re thinking about a holiday gift for yourself or someone important, make it a trip! Spending time outside and changing up your routine is an unforgettable gift.

There were a lot of special moments on the trip, but I was nervous to see what would end up in the final cut. I love the drone shots across the lawn with the shadow of the palm trees, and I loved hanging out with Kaleo’s niece. She had the most contagious smile. I’m so thankful to have experienced all of this with the best team – Graham, Jake, Zach from North Sea Air and Sherril and Kaleo from DFS. Thank you thank you.