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I always find the collections from Jimmy Choo to be very romantic and intricate, which is why their new season has to be what’s good right now. Check out all of their new stuff at the new store at ifc Mall, where the women’s section is inspired by a 1940’s boutique. How poetic is that? See for yourself and tell me what you think.

From left to right:

JIMMY CHOO Razor Sequins Bag, JIMMY CHOO Leopard Print Pony Patent Smoke Black Bag, JIMMY CHOO Pony Skin White Ba...


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I can’t wait for the transition to fall along with all of the F/W2013 fashion, and these sunglasses from Max Mara are no exception. They’re large and sculpted (perfect to hide behind!), yet come in four different shades so you’re still noticeable if you want to be. I’m headed to New York this week for an exclusive Max Mara event, and can’t wait! Stay tuned for all the fun and details.




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Sunday is definitely the favorite day for a lot of us because its the weekend and nobody has to work. My friend recently launched this online store named ILIKESUNDAY to reflect on this thought as the clothes stocked on the website reflect this relaxed and laid back attitude. They handpick their own looks and stock their own brand bySUNDAYS. Check it out here! xx CDD


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I’m much more of a ‘no fuss’ kind of person– I like to keep my bag filled to a minimum with only the essentials that I’ll need for the day. My only go to beauty essential is definitely mascara to dress up the eyes. And at the moment, I’m into the Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz collection waterproof mascara that was made in collaboration with Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz. It gives definition, lift, and volume with its special brush. For a versatile eye shadow pal...


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Sometimes it’s a lot easier to do things knowing that you can stay anonymous and nobody knows who you are. Occasionally this is my defense mechanism and I like to hide behind a big pair of sunglasses, just for that moment of anonymity where I can be lost within my own, free thoughts. You know what, a wide brim hat is just as good too. Keeps the light out and the dark in. xx CDD


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Summer is always a good time to be a little more aware about the way you smell…especially because it’s so hot. My usual go to perfume is Chloe eau de parfum, but on occasion I feel like switching it up. You can never go wrong with a signature scent, but make sure it’s something that’s classic and fits you. Spicy, sweet, or fruity, what’s your scent?

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