::AMULETTE DE CARTIER necklace:: Photos by

Here it is, the last set of photos for the Amulette de Cartier project. ( Click to see the first and second post.) The Amulette has accompanied me since the day it arrived, almost 3 months now. Its not only been a lucky charm that holds my wishes but also a source of inspiration. Takes me to new places, conquer new heights.

Hong Kong is a small compact city, famous for the billion dollar cityscape that light u...


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:: Tiffany & Co. Jewelry ::

Summer time is approaching and it makes me want to do two things: throw on a dress and go out and travel the world. I was recently introduced to the newest Atlas collection by Tiffany jewelry, and it definitely matches all of my feelings for the summer season. Named after the Greek god who carries a globe, the Atlas collection is simple yet stylish, my most coveted features in jewelry. After I heard the story of this collection, I was instantly inspired...


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::AMULETTE DE CARTIER necklace:: ph by

Every piece of jewelry I wear means something special to me. So when I learnt about the recently launched Amulette de Cartier, I was immediately drawn to it. A talisman made of onyx and diamond around a central gem. A collection created to fulfill your deepest wishes. The jewel closes like a padlock that lock to hold luck and unlock your wishes. I am a dreamer, always have and always will be. When I wear this close to my h...



:: pink dress from THE CLUTCHER/ TIFFANY jewelry/ JIMMY CHOO bag::

It’s been a pretty hectic two weeks and the weather in Hong Kong has been so terrible– hot, humid, and rainy. Typhoon season is really here and in addition to putting me in a not so great mood at times, it’s also doing nothing for my hair. There’s been a few changes going on and the constant terrible weather has kept me inside at home with plenty of time to ponder and shop online (one of my many...


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:: CARVEN top/ GSTAR RAW jeans/ YSL heels/ EMPORIO ARMANI watch/CARRERA sunglasses::

Hope the New Year has been treating everyone well so far. There’s just something refreshing about turning over a new leaf and getting ready for new things to come. Even if you don’t necessarily have to wait for a new year to set goals and make change, it’s always good motivation for us to start. Happy weekend!




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:: HOGAN shoes and clutch/ CDD X CHRISTING C skirt/ ZARA jacket/ KAREN WALKER glasses/ CDD X CASE SCENARIO iphone case ::

It’s the week of Christmas! And I cannot be more excited to spend time with my family and eat a lot of really great food. I’ll be heading out soon too on a few trips to spend some quality time with close friends. It’s been a great year, and I’m itching for 2014 to come and all the exciting new projects and goals it will bring. Stay warm!