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:: MARIE FRANCE VAN DAMME lace dress / TODS leather jacket / DIOR bag ::

Photography by Michelle J Proctor

Self-confidence to me is the ultimate form of power. To me, being self-confident means being comfortable in your own skin and having the ability to be your true self. True power comes from within, so when you are healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, you vibrate to your full potential. And we all have our good and bad days, but when I feel my best, I savor every moment of being able to perform to the fullest. And these tasks can be as big as successfully pitching a project at a meeting or working with a partner to design a new product to anything or just day to day activities like shooting new blog photos or clearly keeping a record of my own creative thoughts. Not only does self-confidence give you a mental boost, but it also encourages others to vibrate at a higher frequency yourself. I love seeing my creative friends and family achieve their goals and keep pushing the boundaries in their line of work, and in turn, I hope to spread this confidence to everyone else, so go get ‘em!