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A day is not well spent if there isn’t any meaningful conversation. I agree with that wholeheartedly because the core of all relationships is a connection. I like to make sure I spend a part of my day catching up and simply having meaningful conversations with family and friends. Usually, this means meeting up at a coffee shop and getting lost in each other’s words over a cup of joe (decaf for me please!)

Most recently, I spent time speaking to a friend about the importance of happiness and making sure that anything and everything you do contributes to your daily happiness. If something isn’t bringing you positivity, change and try something else. Deep conversations with people I care about most is what gives me my daily dose of happiness. What’s yours?





2 thoughts on “TIME FOR A COFFEE BREAK

Lily, SAYS: - 11 Aug 2017

It’s quite insipiring. We are responsible for our daily happinesss.


Acne, SAYS: - 26 Jan 2018

you wake up in the morning, had breakfast, drink coffee, you are healthy – this is happiness)))) it is everywhere!