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Photography by CKANI CREATIVE

:: GANNI dress via FARFETCH / ZARA shoes / CHLOE glasses / VINTAGE clutch ::

Summer is always an exciting season for me – warm weather, flowy clothing, traveling for projects, and being able to spend more time with my son during his holiday. It isn’t just the season that gets me excited, but it’s everything that comes with it. Wrap dresses, eating outside, taking the longer walk home, seeing more people spend time outside. The energy is contagious and the colors pop. My power color this summer? Definitely orange.

Orange is the color of joy and creativity, two feelings that I try to spread and absorb. It radiates positive energy including warmth and happiness, similar to red and yellow without being too in your face. I love that my new dress from Farfetch has bold orange flowers, like an offering to the summer. In the spirit of the color orange, I plan to spend the rest of the season being good and doing good. What’s your power color for summer?