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Directed by Cindiddy

Videography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: OLIVER PEOPLES eyewear ::

Hong Kong is home to over seven million people. While space is at a minimum, the craziness and wild energy have me falling in love with my hometown over and over again. It attracts the rest of the world as well – Hong Kong is a great city for layovers and a peek into Asia. The city is filled with towering skyscrapers and office buildings, which might seem intimidating at first, but if you know where to look, there are hidden gems in each district. To celebrate 30 years of Oliver Peoples, I’m giving a tour of Hong Kong through my eyes, or my lenses if you will.

I have a special connection with Hong Kong – I’ve grown up in a city that seems to shed its skin every month and change is the only constant. Because of this, I’ve learned to explore the different corners and allies of Hong Kong to find spots that I can call my own. Knowing when to visit these spots is also key. The place can be all yours if you know when to appear. Being in Jordan, for example, always transports me to a different place with its neon lights and busy crowd. You can find me snacking on street food while I’m in transit to a meeting or waiting for an event. Causeway Bay is also a popular destination for food and shopping, but for those in the know, authentic Japanese and Chinese restaurants are hidden up in the buildings. Hong Kong is a classic city in this sense. It’s always hustling and bustling with bright lights and even brighter minds.

Oliver Peoples is an American luxury brand that has made waves in art, culture and of course, fashion. It’s quality and classic design has put it at the forefront of eyewear. While Oliver Peoples is designed in California and crafted in Italy, its identity is similar to that of Hong Kong. They’re both cultural icons that have had similar evolutions: while the path of progression was unknown, it was clear from the beginning that they would both have influence in the world. Check out the video above for a tour of my Hong Kong with Oliver Peoples.