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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: GUCCI sunnies / MATA HARI bag / DVF jumpsuit ::

One of my favorite things about being in Hong Kong is that it’s literally a concrete jungle. Buildings are stacked high like legos and the weather is tropical (read: temperamental). And a quick ride will bring you to some of the most interesting hiking trails in the city. That’s my go to exercise: hiking. The entire journey is like a small metaphor for life, and every time I go on a hike it’s a new and fun experience even if it’s the same trail.

The start of the hike is like the start of all things – exciting, interesting, and motivation to continue on. As you reach the top of the mountain, there’s a bit of a struggle and a sweat. By this point I’m reaching for some water but still pushing through. When you make it to the top, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve accomplished something. As you make your way down, it’s a reflection of the journey that you made to the top.

Hiking is like low interval high intensity meditation. I push myself to the top of the climb and come down with a sense of accomplishment. The diverse trails and mountains that Hong Kong has keeps me on my toes (literally), and it’s a nice break in nature. It also helps that I feel like I’m on cloud nine for the rest of the day afterwards.

Meet you at the top.