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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: CHRISTOPHER KANE sweater / ZARA skirt / HOGAN boots/ VINTAGE sunnies/ OMEGA watch ::

Excess is something we get caught up in. We’ve been brought up into a culture that tells us we constantly need more – more work, more shoes, more food. And while ambition is a great quality, I’ve gotten to a point where I want to live life with less. Less material goods, less clutter. In a away, having less decisions to make and less options is a liberating experience.

There is something to be said for the way humans lived before all of our technological advances. There was less complication and less information going around but more connection and more interaction. While I have a presence on digital platforms and I enjoy interacting with people all around the world through my blog and Instagram, I feel my best when I’m with friends and speaking to people face to face.

I’ve taken more of a minimal approach that has led to more clarity and inspiration in my day to day. My living and working space is bare minimum, which lets my creativity flow better and allows me to focus on what’s in front of me with no distractions. I take time to see my friends and family instead of lingering on my computer and phone, and it’s given me a better peace of mind because I’m around love and positivity. Less really is more.