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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: SEQUOIA trench/ COCCINELLE bag/ CALVIN KLEIN shoes ::

The human mind never fails to amaze me because of the impact that it has on our body. When you think of memories or people you feel adoration and passion for, you feel a warmth throughout your body (monks can even control their body temperature through their thinking.) I find that taking time to think of something that I love helps me approach each day with unwavering positivity.

Growing up with a bunch of siblings, we have tons of crazy stories from vacations and holidays together. Occasionally I’ll eat something that will remind me of a meal we had or see something on the street that takes me back to a certain time with my sisters or my brother. The warmth of family always gives me the confidence to conquer the day, knowing that they’re always so supportive and caring. Think positive, be positive, and spread positivity.