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Shot on location at Forbidden City, Beijing

:: RAG N BONE vest coat / ZARA shirt / KOTUR clutch / VINTAGE sunnies from Istanbul / TODS shoes / OMEGA watch ::

Practicing mindfulness has taught me to stop and focus on myself and the things that might hold me back. A big part of being mindful is getting in touch with how you’re feeling but also letting go of your ego. The ego isn’t a bad thing but it can be misguiding because it’s the part of our psyche that causes us to feel fear, anxiety, possessiveness or jealousy. Although the ego is supposed to be protection for the mind, more often than not, it’s an unhealthy defense mechanism. It can get in the way of decision making and tends to make us feel the need for approval or control. To quiet this part of our mind, we need to understand where this need for approval or control comes from.

This is where being mindful comes into play. Some days I feel a less receptive than others, and being aware of where this feeling comes from helps me stay focused. It helps me let go of anything negative that might be holding me back and silences the ego that tells me that I shouldn’t be doing something or trying something new. It’s almost like you’re cleaning your mind of all things negative to let positive thoughts into your mind. Stay aware and learn to let go.