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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE

:: DIOR PREFALL 2016 jacket, skirt and bracelet / DIORAMA sunglasses ::

Sometimes it seems like when summer rolls around, there’s a lot of added pressure. There’s pressure to be vacationing somewhere or pressure to be a certain way or look a certain way and it can take the fun out simple things. We sometimes get caught up with what’s going on in the cyber world and things that have been curated and meticulously staged, and we don’t spend enough time living in the moment. I think summer is the best time to unplug and go out there and just experience what is around. Don’t look back and don’t overthink it and just go out and do it.

Don’t let fear dictate what you want to do. If it makes you happy, just go for it! Now go grab the long weekend by its horns, and report back on what you do!