Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE Location: Star Ferry HK

What is golden? What is rare? A glimpse of the softest, most striking beauty of a woman’s glow. Moments of silence, and serenity. A fragment of time.

The golden hour is a moment. One long enough for you to savor, and appreciate it’s magic, but short enough for you to desire, and yearn for your next encounter. If you have ever chased sunrises, or sunsets, you would know, that the most magical time, aside from the range of beautiful bright colors of the sun, is the moment right before the colors, and the light appears. The moment where everything seems to be glazed over by a layer of silence. The sky, the sun, even the surrounding sounds, all seem to take a back seat. A moment where you become the main character of the fairytale of your dreams.

Your best bet in taking it all in is to beat the silence with yours. Soak up that softness by relaxing every pore. Invite the raw, rounded, pixilated air into your lungs, and feed your body, your soul, with a sense of oneness only a moment so brief can hold.

Like the new #LaPrairieRadiance, the magic is not only in its immediate effect, but the way it slowly releases its powers when you need it most.

Instant perfection, endless radiance.




iamsunnie, SAYS: - 30 Mar 2016

gold CDD,amazing,love you.