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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE
::NASTY GAL dress, heels/ CHANEL tweed jacket::
New Years is my time to shine (quite literally in this dress.) Five years ago, I decided, how I spent my Janurary would dictate how I would live my entire year. January includes New Years, and my Birthday. It’s like the Monday to my week. This year, because I am turning 30, I have plans to do something I have never done before… (but more on that later.)
So, as this is my last NYE in my “twenties,” I am going to do a series of things that celebrate, and remind me of what good times were like, from 1996-2016. haha. Insert* irresponsibility in the form of piercings, tattoos, long island ice teas, frozen margaritas (mmm.) Getting things pierced would probably be taking it too far…but hey, #NastyGalsPartyHarder
Get in the mood, and celebrate the new year with me.