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On Location at GUCCI NoLonger/NotYet Exhibition in Shanghai.
::GUCCI Resort’16 full outfit::

Alessandro Michele is truly aspirational. With his vision, he single mindedly transformed, and given new meaning to one of the most prominent fashion houses: GUCCI. He opened my eyes to what a creative director of a brand is capable of. It might have been foolish of me to limit their power to just designing clothes, and curating ad campaigns. (like what do I know) But you live, and you learn.

It is such a pleasure to see an idea, a question in this case, “What is contemporary?” come to life. In the form of art, space, words, photography. It is one thing to ponder the meaning of life’s many questions, but to be fully immersed in it, is a treat. Through the minds of 10 artists (11 including Alessandro) you enter the exhibition slightly confused, you get gobbled up, and walk through what would be the big and small intestines of this contemporary creature, and exit a newborn, with new eyes. I want to say you have to go to experience this yourself, but if you cannot? check out the photos (here) or at least I hope the few photos I have here will give you kind of an idea.

Dear Alessandro Michele,

We need more of your world in our world.

Thank you,

“Those who are truly contemporary, who truly belong to their time, are those who neither perfectly coincide with it nor adjust themselves to its demands. They are thus in this sense irrelevant. But precisely because of this condition, precisely through this disconnection and this anachronism, they are more capable than others of perceiving and grasping their own time. Naturally, this noncoincidence, this “dys-chrony,” does not mean that the contemporary is a person who lives in another time…”

(Philosopher Giorgio Agamben – What Is the Contemporary?)