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Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE  in ROME.
::AIGLE jacket, top, scarf, boots/ ARITZIA shorts/ VICTORIA BECKHAM glasses/ DIOR diorama bag::

My last morning in Rome was spent enjoying breakfast, and a little stroll around our hotel. Breakfast has to be one of my favorite meals. If done right, it helps me eat sensibly for the rest of the day. (That is what Gretchin Rubin would call, “Secrets of adulthood.” Because I’ve known this all my life, but only in the recent months did I start feeling the truth of it.) I’ve been kicking bad habits left, and right after reading her book (Better Than Before.) I’ve stopped smoking daily, cut down on most bread and cakes. Another secret of adulthood, “Take steps, and enjoy the process.” I love eliminating certain foods one by one, to see how it makes me feel. What changes it makes in my body and mind. Only by slowly eliminating foods, will I know how it truly affects me. Now I am excited to kick the next bad habit.

The market around the corner had just opened and the colors of the fresh fruit, and vegetables, lured me closer. The morning breeze was chilly on the tip of my nose, but as the coffee kicked in, and the sun began to rise, my senses also started to awaken.