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::CHRISTIAN WIJNANTS clothing (available at EQ:IQ stores)/ STUART WEITZMAN shoes/ THE ROW bag::

One of the things that fascinate me most about fashion is when you really think about it, it’s just pieces of fabric put together that is meant to keep us warm. Not only have we (humans) managed to turn this simple necessity into multi billion dollar businesses, transform it into art, but also introduce so much depth and meaning to it all.

Fashion is, well, a designer’s artistic interpretation of clothing. And a good designer (in my opinion) finds the perfect balance between functionality, creativity, and inspires the customer to dream. As a blogger, when I put together an outfit, I put together a story. What that outfit reminds me of, how it makes me feel, it is almost like creating a character for the day and playing a role.

To get to know a brand, or to become an avid admirer of a brand, you need to know the heart and soul of the brand; the designer. To see where they are coming from; pick their brains. Which is why I am always extremely happy to take part in trips like this. Check out my Antwerp experience with Christian himself (here)

When looking through a new collection ( before I read the press release), I like to identifying traces of the designer in their work, it’s kind of like a guessing game to me. Touch the fabric, examine the stitching, feel the temperature of the garments. But like art, understanding it is only the first step. Owning it, and then deciding how to frame it, or how to hang it is all up to you. You bring the designs to life when you transfer the warmth of your body to the fibers of it’s fabric.

Christian Wijnants (wiki) is a Belgian fashion designer with a passion for knitwear. Christian Wijnants grew up in Brussels, where he studied Latin and mathematics. In preparation for the Antwerp Fashion Academy, he first seventh year art school where he learned to draw. His graduation collection won in 2000 the special prize Christine Mathijs and a year later he took the Grand Prix at the Festival de la Jeune Création in Hyeres within. He gained experience at Dries Van Noten and Angelo Tarlazzi and started his own women’s line in 2003.

Christian Wijnants’s…
Favorite photographer: VivianeSassen
Modern day muse: Kristen Stewart/ Charlotte Gainsbourg
Historical muse: Aung San Suu Kyi

One on one with Christian Wijnants: