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Photos by @CrazyRouge/ Location: DOUBLE SIX SEMINYAK pool

::ON ME: AMERICAN APPAREL bathing suit/ HOUSE OF HOLLAND glasses::
::ON CRAZYROUGE: PAPEETE bathing suit/ DIOR glasses::

Sometimes we need fantasy to survive reality, but to dream big can be intimidating. It’s nice to imagine a life perfect to your imagination, but what if? what if that is all it will ever be? a dream. The good thing is, a clear vision and a strong yearning for making your dreams a reality, is usually enough positivity to fuel and power through most of life’s obstacles.

At the end of the day, as long as you are working as hard as you possibly can, as long as you are living, and making the most of the here and now, striving for greatness, you will be destined to succeed. Success, like happiness, is subjective anyway, don’t let anyone project their ideas onto you, and pollute your head space.